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About the Polity


-The Polity  is poised to relay the newschiefessays.net as they break and to provide a balanced perspective to all stories on the online news website.

– The Polity intends to provide a local content news medium through which Nigerians in the Diaspora can get news updates for the consumption of “Nigerian news items” as it affects all facets of the economy and different aspects of our lives for the benefit of Nigerians and Nigerian in the Diaspora.



– On the website, attention shall be paid to uniform essay fundamental issues of great concern to the society. Great achievers shall be celebrated as well as projection of what made it possible for them to become an achiever shall be our core concern. Emphasis will be placed on our culture as there will be special focus on celebrity events and entertainment. We shall provide quality feature write ups on ‘matters arising’ in the polity as a regularly as possible.

– The Polity  “projecting the fair side of all stories at all times!”



– Doing the new media of online journalism according to the hallowed ethics of the profession.