Home Health 2nd wave Coronavirus: Nigeria to review travel policy.

2nd wave Coronavirus: Nigeria to review travel policy.


2nd wave Coronavirus: Nigeria to review travel policy.

– Steve Ovirih.

The National Coordinator , Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu has raised the alarm on the need to protect Nigerians against a second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a special briefing of the Task Force in Abuja, Dr. Aliyu reiterated the need for Nigeria to review the country’s International travel policy to prevent the movement of people who are positive to the virus into the country and spreading the disease.

He noted that the Ember period will experience a surge in the movement of people, noting that efforts will be made to ensure strict compliance to Covid 19 travel policies so that the country will not suffer in huge proportion the consequences of the second strain of Coronavirus. According to Dr. Aliyu, travels by air will be discouraged around the December period because of COVID 19. He maintained that except for extremely essential purposes, traveling during the December period is strictly advised against.

” There is a lot of travel restrictions in Europe already. If the number continues to increase and traces of importation of the infection become obvious, the needful will be done by reviewing the nation’s International travel policy ,” Dr. Aliyu stressed.


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