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Ibrahim and the joy of development.


Ibrahim and the joy of development.

– Steve Ovirih.

Politics is not a child’s play. Well , there are people whose vocation and life long career is politics. For such people , integrity has colouration because politicking is what they live and survive on.

However, for career business people in the mould of the billionaire business mogul, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, the cerebral Havard trained scholar, the need to attract growth to their grassroots communities is the driving force that motivate them to go into politics.

For Barr Jimoh Ibrahim, community development is ‘ a burden ‘ he just has to compassionately bear on behalf of his people lest the hawks seize the opportunity to enrich their pocket.

Without mincing words, Barr Jimoh Ibrahim boasts of credentials that makes him a front runner for the Seat of the Senator to represent the good people of Ondo South in the National Assembly. The District does not deserve a Bench warmer Senator and with Ibrahim winning at the APC primaries, it will be a win – win situation for the district both at the General election come 2023 and beyond as his robust legislative contribution on the floor of The Red Chamber will impact positively the art of bill sponsorship and law making .

As the delegates go to the polls this week, they are encouraged to look at the bigger picture of a well connected, bold , well read, brilliant and articulate ‘ APC Senate aspirant ( Dr) Jimoh Ibrahim, CFR, OFR , representative of Ondo South at The Senate of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

To vote otherwise will amount to throwing away a golden opportunity of a scholarly legislative impact Jimoh Ibrahim can offer.

As Jimoh Ibrahim offers himself to serve, the delegates will do Ondo South a great deal of favour by encouraging him with their numerical authority at the primaries.

For the greatest good of Ondo South Senatorial District, Jimoh Ibrahim cuts across as the best choice .


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