Home News Set your health priorities right, Faduyile advises.

Set your health priorities right, Faduyile advises.


Set your health priorities right, Faduyile advises.

By Steve Ovirih.

Former National President, Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Prof. Dayo Faduyile, OON, has dropped a strong advice for Nigerians as the second half of the year begins.

In a health advisory nugget by the Professor of Pathology and Forensic Medicine, he stated that there are ’12 Must Do Things ‘ that Nigerians must adhere to for the sake of their healthy well-being. On top of the 12 things that the erudite Professor considered as ‘ a must do’ is the constant check of the blood pressure. ” It is important one checks the blood pressure at least quarterly. A lot of Nigerians hustle hard and work but don’t care about their blood pressure check. We cannot afford to be careless with our blood pressure checks because carelessness in this respect is not a healthy pattern.”

Going further, the former Special Adviser on Health to The Governor of Ondo State said blood sugar test must be ascertained at least twice in a year, adding that prescribed drugs must be used religiously. “One thing Nigerians do which is condemnable is abuse of drugs. Abuse of drugs is a dangerous habit and its consequences do not bode well for our health.

“We must maintain good weight as obesity is a condition that negates good healthy living. And in addition to that is the fact that we must avoid or stop taking alcohol all together. Anyone who cares for a healthy pattern should see alcoholism as a habit that must be done away with as a real bad habit.”

Prof. Faduyile noted that cigarette smoking and vaping is a habit that is fast ruining the health of Nigerians particularly among the youth. He said cigarette smoking damages the human organ faster and the remedy is better imagined, thus avoiding it is better than seeking remedy when it has already damaged vital organs of the body. ” It is unfortunate that our youths now derive a strange pleasure in vaping and shooting the pot and other dangerous substances that they inhale, stressing that for those who care for their health, these lifestyle are reprehensible.

He noted that regular exercise is good for the body, advising that both the young ones and the elderly should imbibe regular exercise to burn fat and keep fit.

For women, Prof. Faduyile said,” regular breast examination and pap smear test for women in reproductive age is very advisable. This test taken regularly helps early discovery of breast cancer. Cancer of the breast is one of the known causes of female mortality and early discovery will go a long way in nipping mortality in the bud.”

He also encouraged men who are above 45 years to go for prostrate cancer screening, maintaining that prostrate cancer is real but with appropriate awareness it is avoidable.

While maintaining that hustling may deny active Nigerians sleep, he noted that daily sleep is very important and it is one medium of keeping the body in good health. “No matter our busy schedule, we must create a sound sleeping habit.”

He said eating balanced diets is key for anyone who cares for a sound health, stressing that we must imbibe a lifestyle of eating balanced diets no matter what.

Rounding off his health tip, Prof. Faduyile charged that annual comprehensive medical check-up is equally important as well as the need for Nigerians to indulge the idea of consulting medical doctors for medical needs. ” We must take note of the fact that health is wealth and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.”


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