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Jimoh Ibrahim to Ondo South Delegates: vote for me so as to develop the Senatorial District.


Jimoh Ibrahim to Ondo South Delegates: vote for me so as to develop the Senatorial District.

– Steve Ovirih.

It was all glamour and excitement today, Tuesday, 24th May, at The University of Fortune, Igbotako as the billionaire business mogul and leading All Progressives Congress , APC Senatorial aspirant, Barr. Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, OFR marshalled his manifestos ahead of the APC Senatorial primary scheduled to take place on Friday, the 27th May, 2022.

The Araba of Ikale land and Founder of The University of Fortune , Jimoh Ibrahim held deliberation with the Ondo South Delegates at The Faculty of Law Lecture theater of the University, an architectural masterpiece by international standard.

Dr. Ayodele , Jimoh Ibrahim Senatorial Campaign Director General while opening the floor at the Delegates parley with Ibrahim said good things are coming to Ondo south and the harbinger of this development that are forthcoming is Jimoh Ibrahim who is making genuine effort to represent the District at the Senate.

The Araba of Ikale land told the Delegates that he has a master plan for the development of the Southern Senatorial District and God being his help his resolve is to execute the master plan in the first two years of his membership of the Senate.

” My first role as your Senator when your votes take me to the Senate is to sponsor a bill declaring a State of Emergency on the unfortunate 20 year old light out in Ondo South Senatorial District.”

This declaration drew applause from the crowd of delegates across Ondo South Senatorial District who had come to hold a last minute session with the leading APC aspirant.

Jimoh Ibrahim said the two decade light out in Ondo South which has put the district out of the power grid is not meant to be, noting that a sponsored bill by a Senator who can easily connect with the leadership of the National Assembly will do the magic and as soon as it becomes a bill , he will ensure that the Senate which he will be a ranking member of its leadership caucus as a CFR will make the bill to become a Law that the President whom he easily has access to will endorse in no time.

The APC trailblazer and leading light of the ruling party in Ondo State promised that women will not be left out of his development scheme. He assured the women of the District that 25% of his salary will go to taking care of their welfare.

Ibrahim lamented the failed state of Mega projects status in Nigeria , stressing that when he gets to the Senate he will sponsor the setting up of Mega projects assessment committee as this committee will put an end to the mismanagement of Mega projects strewn across the country, which have all become a conduit pipe through which tax payers money is siphoned.

While assuring the Delegates that he means well and he is assesible , the founder of The University of Fortune said the University he has established will not be beyond the reach of students of Ondo South at completion, adding that if students from outside the state are paying tuition that is high, those from here will just be paying half of the tuition fee.

Still talking about his love for the District, Ibrahim said, ” I bring this school of international standard to my homestead Igbotako because I want to contribute to humanity . My family is not here so it’s not as if I am building this educational edifice because of my children but I am building it for the use of humanity and it is going to put Ondo South on the global stage and reckoning.

” I am for the development of Ondo South Senatorial District , I do not have any other district to call my own except this my dear Ondo South and I have the financial capacity, the intellectual wherewithal and the economic means as well as the required link and leverage to put dots of verifiable development in Ondo South Senatorial District.

” As your son, your brother and your leading aspirant of this great party, I have come to seek your votes , I have come to persuade you to give me your votes on Friday. I have come to sell my candidacy and make you see that I have the courage of my conviction to be your Senator because our District needs a bold , high ranking Senator and by the virtue of my honour as a Commander of the Order , Federal Republic (CFR), I am the best aspirant of our party and the most suitable candidate for the job,” Jimoh Ibrahim said.

He charged the delegates to look for Jimoh Ibrahim on the ballot paper on Friday and not Araba , noting that Araba is his title and and Jimoh Ibrahim is his name.

Jimoh Ibrahim thanked all the Delegates for coming to the parley and for their anticipated support at the APC primaries on Friday.


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